Boone County Farms 2016

Experience our rich heritage

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This self-guided tour of some of the county’s finest working and historic farms will offer visitors a chance to learn more about agriculture in Boone County. Agriculture is a vital part of Boone County and there isn’t a better way to learn about where your food and fibre is produced than to visit with local farmers. Download the map: MAP and info about the farms: FARMS.

By participating in the Boone County Rural Treasures Farm Tour, you agree to hold the Boone County Farm Initiative and farm hosts harmless against all injury that you might suffer at any time during the tour. You also understand that photographs may be taken during the tour in which you are included and that these photographs may be used by the Boone County Farm Initiative for promotional purposes in print and on the World Wide Web. All programs and services of the Boone County Conservation District and the Boone County Cooperative Extension Service are offered on a nondiscriminatory basis without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, and marital or familial status.



6028 Camp Ernst Road
Burlington, KY 41005
N 39.01988 W 84.70094

The market has 50 member farms. Fruits, vegetables, flowers and other items sold at the market are grown locally. Pick up your Boone County Farm Tour brochures here.



5832 River Road
Hebron, KY 41048
Allow 30 minutes for your visit.

The roadside stand at this sixth-generation family farm opened in the 1960’s to sell fresh fruits and vegetables grown on the farm. See crops in the fields – corn, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, apples and peaches - and learn how they are grown, harvested and marketed.  Learn about making maple syrup and visit our cider house.


Double H Ranch

8040 Howe Road
Burlington, KY 41005

Allow 30 minutes for your visit.

This small, privately-owned and operated farm was established in 2002. Visitors will be able to see a variety of horses - one a granddaughter to Secretariat. See demonstrations of riding, jumping, and reigning. The farm offers group and private lessons from beginner to advances in casual trail riding and showing. The owner has been instructing, training, and coaching for over 20 years. The farm is home to the Northern Kentucky University equestrian team and the H.H. Cooper Middle/High School equestrian team.


Real McCoy's Farm & Recreational Club LLC

3466 Easton Lane
Burlington, KY 41005

Allow 30 minutes for your visit.

Real McCoy’s Farm uses organic and sustainable practices to grow produce and manage a pay fishing lake. Visitors will be able to see the fishing lake, frog pond, u-pick vegetable patches, and a scenic wooded area located above Woolper Creek. Follow the self-guided walking tour to learn more about sustainability and protecting the environment, which also includes a series of displays showing the development of the farm.



7812 East Bend Road
Burlington, KY 41005
Please allow 35 - 45 minutes for your visit.

This c1830 farm was originally 15,000 acres. Eagle Bend now has 52 acres, and is home to over 150 alpacas, a small flock of egg-producing chickens, and four ewes of the registered cormo variety. Sheep and alpacas are produced for fleece. Visit our Fiber & Gift Shoppe to see and purchase fiber products, and the fiber-to-fashion display to learn how shorn fleece is converted into wearable/usable items. Mingle with last year’s crias (babies) in the pastures. (Note: wheelchair accessibility may limit entering the pastures but viewing over the fence will be easy.)  


Scott Farms

6324 Pike Street
Belleview, KY 41005

Scott Farm Facebook
Please allow 30 minutes for your visit.

Located on the banks of the Ohio River, Scott Farms has been a family-owned business since 1960. What started as a tobacco farm is now in the 24rd year of raising produce commercially. The original 15-acre operation has expanded to include 65 acres, which are now used to raise an assortment of vegetables and fruits as well as garden mums. Scott Farms sells at seven farmer’s markets in the area. Like us on Facebook at Scott Farm.

kinman farm



4175 Burlington Pike
Burlington, KY 41005
Allow 30-60 minutes for your visit.

This 150-acre farm has been owned and operated by the Kinman Family since 1946. During the farm tour, take a hayride to see feed grain and vegetable crops, bee hives, and composting operations. Learn about beef cattle that are raised on this diversified family farm. Save time for the petting zoo and the fresh vegetable market.



5656 Burlington Pike
Burlington, KY 41005
Allow 45 minutes for your visit.

Owned by five generations of one family, the Dinsmore Homestead is now a museum and historic site.  Tour the 1842 farm house and the cook cabin. Visit displays and see farm-related equipment, including an 1880s carriage. Learn about agriculture in the 1800s and 1900s. Hike the trails and visit the family graveyard. Note: The walk to the family graveyard is very steep; second floor of the home is not wheelchair accessible.



13989 Ryle Road
Union, KY 41091

Allow 30-60 minutes; tours start on the hour.

Three historic structures remain on this 35-acre remnant of the old Hartman farm:  the only restored saddlebag house in Kentucky, originally built in the 1890s, which now houses a restaurant; a mortise and tennon barn; and stone smokehouse.   The farmstead, the site of one of the first wineries in Kentucky, is under consideration for listing as a National Historic Landmark. A complimentary hayride will take you on a tour to see the historic barn and animals that live on the farm, pastures, and other features. Explore the grounds on your own to discover more about the property, including the 1700s replica flatboat and children’s village.



25 Old Beaver Road
Walton, Kentucky 41094

Allow 60 minutes; tours start on the hour.

While visiting Ryan Raised Farm, you will enjoy a guided tour across 80 acres featuring cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens. We also feature horses and offer horseback riding lessons that can be scheduled at a later date. Learn about our commitment to creating sustainable, local, fresh food while maintaining and respecting the integrity of the animals we raise. Farm-raised meat will be for sale.



14611 Salem Creek Road
Verona, KY 41030
Allow 30-60 minutes for your visit.

The Parnigoni family has rich family roots that originate generations back to the little Province in northern Italy, called Brianza. They purchased the farm that is now the home of Brianza in 2010. This farm has been handed down thru many generations of farming families dating well back into the 1800’s. The Parnigoni family has been working hard the past few years planting over 2400 grape vines, 200 blackberry, blueberry, and black currant bushes, and over 600 perennial flowers.



2089 Stephenson Mill Road
Verona, KY 41092
Allow 30 - 60 minutes for your visit.

This family farm, founded in 1977, originally raised Kentucky Pleasure Walking Horses, tobacco, and Hereford cattle. In 2009 they added alpacas to the cattle operation on their 14 acres. Learn about raising alpacas. Children’s activities include crafts and an alpaca obstacle course.  Farm store features alpaca-fiber products & gifts. Family members showcase their talents through EB’s handmade soaps, the music of Hills of Kentucky Dulcimers, and a book reading by Steve Vest, editor of Kentucky Monthly.



13815 Walton-Verona Road
Verona, KY 41092
Allow 30-45 minutes for your visit.

This family-owned business produces estate wines unique to the area. Home to the George-Vest house built in 1842. Visit the winery, walk the 3-acre vineyard and learn to prune vines for maximum growth and ripeness. You can also see the Baby Doll Sheep that help to keep the vineyard trim, horses, a donkey, and maybe some baby kittens! Wine tasting will also be available.

Note: Wheelchairs may not be able to travel in the vineyard.

edamame farm


Verona, KY 41092
Sun Sugar Farms will have a tent at the Verona Vineyards.

Sun Sugar Farms' owner, Linda Fritz, grows edamame and sun sugar cherry tomatoes, and is the creator of the CRESBI crate grocery shopping systems. Patented CRESBI crates were a result of figuring out how to get her edamame crop in bulk to the market and her desire to eliminate the hassle and overuse of plastic grocery bags. The collapsible, stackable, dishwasher-safe CRESBI crates are very popular in states where plastic bags are banned and because they save time. Shop with them open, place products with the barcodes up in them and then have the checker scan everything right in the crates (the checkers will love you!). Visitors can purchase CRESBI crates, other reusable items and granola made with pure maple syrup and Kentucky pecans in a "Forget the Spoon" container. We will also have young edamame plants and you can pre-purchase edamame and sun sugar cherry tomatoes at a special Boone County Farm Tour rate that day. There might even be an appearance by the Bag Monster to remind you how many bags one shopper gets in one year and what a waste it is! Plus if you order any CRESBI crate systems or accessories off before the tour for pickup that day use code FARMER10 to save 10% on your pre-purchase! Sun Sugar Farms will have a tent set up at the Verona Vineyards.

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